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Saturday Afternoon Ukulele

Private House Concert, Crown Cove, Corona del Mar, CA

KC Turner Presents Bazaar Stock #8

Bazaar Cafe, 5927 California St., San Francisco, CA

Here we go again. Twelve hours of unmitigated music. I go on at high noon with Jim Bruno and Hobo (buncha hippies). All proceeds proudly go to Music In Schools Today. Eat, drink, be merry, donate lotsa $$$ so kids can have a good music education. Guitars, not guns. Self-expression, not harmful aggression.


Donations to Music In Schools Today


Busking at Fiesta On The Hill

Cortland Avenue @ Bocana, San Francisco, CA



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Book Review: Composing Temple Sunrise: Overcoming Writer’s Block at Burning Man 

Book Review

Hassan El-Tayyab, Composing Temple Sunrise: Overcoming Writer’s Block at Burning Man, Poetic Matrix Press, 2016.


If you are now or ever have been raised in a family, fallen in love with the wrong person (“Who, me? Never!” – right), written a song or wanted to, experienced Burning Man or wanted to, there’s a good chance you will enjoy this book. The author, Hassan El-Tayyab, gracefully tumbles through upheavals in his work and love life, venturing forth on a quest of self-acceptance as a…

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58th Grammy Awards 

 Ricky Kej and Wouter Kellerman hosted a reception for indies at The Continental Club in downtown LA. I met some really great people there from all over. Dreamers and doers from Florida, DC, Japan, Austria....

  The Premiere Awards take place before the televised awards ceremony. Awards were given in 75 categories including, as Rain Perry explained, all the categories we care most about... Americana, R&B, Producer....all things folkie with soul. Jason Isbell, Alabama Shakes, Mavis Staples... and I got to…

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Review: "Down Where The Spirit Meets The Bone" by Lucinda Williams 

Lucinda Williams

Down Where The Spirit Meets The Bone

Highway 20 Records


Grammy, Schmammie. This is the album of the year. Lucinda Williams has been an artist I've long admired and wanted to like but hadn't yet quite found my way into. Somehow the pieces hadn't fallen into place for me. But here she's in the zone, and by that I mean the Blaze Foley zone of heartrending melody, searing lyrics and undeniable soul without, we hope, ever paying quite the price he did. 

Band, mixes, mastering: impeccable…

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A Traveler's Gratitude 

There is no way I could have made my tour work without the exceptional generosity of kind folks who fed and housed me along the way. Friends-of-friends (aka new friends), old friends, fellow musicians. You know who you are.

Leap Of Faith Tour Journal - Summit Oregon to Cottage Grove 

The King Fire that started day 2 of my tour has continued to burn. So many acres, so many folks evacuated, so many firefighters working heroically, so many families awaiting their return. Just yesterday the fire was pronounced contained. But not out. LA Times Article

They've been on my mind the whole time.

On my return trip I'm enjoying being a fan. I returned to Summit, OR to see Red Moon Road at the Summit Community Center, a former church the community had rolled down a hill to relocate near the road.

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Leap Of Faith Tour Journal - Conor Byrne, Seattle 

I like Seattle - it's beautiful, livable, all kinds of people; possibly more diverse than San Francisco is now. There's an open mic tonight in Seattle but the town is so revved up over the Seahawks game that I'm not sure there'lll be much of a turnout for it and not sure I'd want to be driving around after, win or lose. 

Anyway, I'm a bit tired after Saturday's show and last night's open mic (Conor Byrne - very nice.) 

Here's to the ladies of Conor Byrne Open Mic!

And the boys!


And me!


Leap Of Faith Tour Journal - Snoqualmie & Issaquah 

Issaquah's great. Black Dog Arts Cafe open mic in Snoqualmie was fun and I loved meeting the people and playing the Sallel Grange monthly open mic in North Bend last night.


Playing the house concert at my friend's house was quite a trip too. We hadn't seen each other in decades. Met in High School, drove to Fairbanks, Alaska together in my VW, ca. 1973, parted ways in the mid 70s. We had some time to catch up and I was gratified to know we'd both made good lives. Jean Mann made a special guest…

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GPS Catfight 


Somewhere South of Seattle 


I exit I-5 North to enjoy a nice hot fishwich at Bessie’s Burgers. With orange juice. She has to double check the price (“I don’t think anybody’s ever ordered orange juice.”) But I soldier on, stick by my order and here it comes. I’m order #5. Fresh, cold orange juice. Nice hot square of fish on a tidy bun with marvelous sliced pickles.


Thinking it might be just about time to enter my destination into GPS, I gamely enter my friend Jean’s addy into Waze and head up…

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Leap Of Faith Tour Journal - The Journey 

Portland, OR

It’s an interesting journey, this one. My last trip to Portland area was to bury my half-brother, Brian. The trip before that was to bury my father, Roy. The only comfort was knowing Brian died after Roy, because for him to have lost a second son to a violent death (1: murder; 2: car wreck) would have broken him.

I really had no desire to return to Oregon after that. That makes this is a journey, not merely a trip.


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Leap Of Faith Tour Journal - Portland 


Portland, OR


Church basement

New snake

Excited hosts

Good turnout

Avery and Kelly are excellent

Paul and Ernest great on sound

Bob, lively host

Little old lady in black T-shirt with white lettering


With red cardigan, 4’ nuthin’, gray hair, wire rim glasses,

Singing Make Love Not War

Every woman, man and child.

Avery Hill & Nina Jo - Photo by Elizabeth Campbell